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1.  Come Share Heaven With Us​

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3.  The Blackfeet Today

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6.  Blackfeet Culture and Way of Life

Visitor Links & Info

"Okii Nik su ku waks Tsa kanist tapaupihpa" (Hello, my relatives. How are you living?) 

​Most of the 2.3M annual visitors to Glacier National Park visit the Blackfeet Reservation whether they realize it or not. We wish they would spend more time here, because we love visitors and there is so much to see and do on our 1.5M acre reservation. 

The Blackfeet Reservation is in the foothills of the Rockies, so the average elevation is over 4,000 feet. That means long winters and glorious summers in the 70s, 80s and 90s, with the biggest sky of all in the Big Sky Country. Our landscape and wildlife is magnificent: If Montana is the last, best place, the Blackfeet Reservation is the best of the best, the last of the last.

After the nice weather fades, the millions of visitors we see in the summer disappear and all that is left is a handful of us scattered across vast expanses of windswept prairie and river valleys and pockets of forest, with the rest of us bunched up in our small towns. Our weather and seasonal visitation is a gift, because it ensures a perpetual cycle of undisturbed renewal that makes our home what it is: Here you find the natural world as it was thousands of years ago, when humans co-existed with nature but did not alter or disturb it. Here you find a combination of flora and fauna you won’t find anywhere else 

The Blackfeet say summer is heaven. Next summer, come share heaven with us.


Blackfeet Nation www.blackfeetnation.com (offline as of 12/16/13 due to governmental internal problems.)

Museum of the Plains Indian www.doi.gov/iacb/museums/museum_plains.html 

Blackfeet FIsh & Wildlife www.blackfeetfishandwildlife.com

City of Browning www.browningmontana.com/ 

Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village  www.blackfeetculturecamp.com/

​Browning Community Development Corporation www.browningcdc.org/

308 N. Piegan, Browning, MT


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