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A student resource suitable for K-12 and university students. Content may be freely used for non-commercial purposes.  All materials written by Gregg Paisley, except as noted therein.  

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Paisley, Gregg E. The Blackfeet: The Blackfeet Today (or whichever website page is cited) (Nov. 2009).  

1.  Come Share Heaven With Us​

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Póóhsapoot! (Come here!)

Come Share Heaven With Us

Our ancestors used to say summer is heaven, winter is hell. With some of the longest,coldest winters anywhere, when the sun finally comes back in earnest, we witness something you have to see to believe: A breathtaking explosion of life, of color, of nature at its wildest and most awe-inspiring. Nature untrampled and unpoisoned by civilization. Animals and plants that can survive only in true wilderness, with no trace of humanity.

Here, in our heaven, ends the path back to the world before Europeans came. Here, in our heaven, you can feel the sun on your face, listen to the wind, and wander and discover a world that hasn’t changed in thousands of years. You will see, hear, smell, and feel things exactly as the first humans on this continent did. You will find things you didn’t know existed. You might even find yourself. 

​We protect the last surviving sliver of what was, and may never be again. It is heaven and we want to share it with you.