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Helping Our People Overcome Economic & Social Disadvantage

High resolution, zoom-in pdf map of

pre-Columbian locations of Indian tribes. Very interesting and educational!

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Learn About The Blackfeet

These essays are suitable for K-12 & college students as well as general interest readers.

Content may be freely used for non-commercial purposes.  All materials written by Gregg Paisley, except as noted therein.  Footnote / Endnote / Citation: Paisley, Gregg E. The Blackfeet: The Blackfeet Today (or whichever website page is cited)  www.americanindianpartnership.org  (Nov. 2009).  

1.  Come Share Heaven With Us​

​2.  Visitor Info & Links

3.  The Blackfeet Today

​4.  Blackfeet History

5.  Timeline

​6.  Blackfeet Culture and Way of Life