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Donors may specify what they want their donation applied to.  At this time most are donating to the Blackfeet Children Christmas Fund, but you can specify other uses, such as those listed on our PROJECTS page.  Or tell us your ideas and we will find a way to put your money to good use.  


Make your donation at any Wells Fargo Bank.   Email or call for account number and so we can properly credit your donation


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Three Ways to Donate

Helping Our People Overcome Economic & Social Disadvantage

308 N. Piegan, Browning, MT


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For  2021 we switched to a new Donor List format. It will post here Feb 15, 2022.

What's different?  To honor our benefactors -old, new, and perennial- now we list EVERY DONOR (from 2010 - 2020) and asterisk those that donated in 2021.

This is because we know some years our friends can't afford to donate, but we never want to forget their kindness & goodwill.

Blackfeet Children  308 N. Piegan St.  Box 2613 Browning, MT 59417-2613.   Please make checks out to BLACKFEET CHILDREN

From Nov 1, 2021 through January 31, 2022 all donations are credited to the 2021 12th Annual Blackfeet Children's Christmas Fund unless you instruct us otherwise.  Special instructions such as "In memory of..." or "On behalf of..."?  Just email or call.  Thanks!